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The "Random Money Advice" is one of the sections in the book. 

These are helpful pieces of advice related to helping you to be wiser with money. They’re not motivational; they are going to help you save a fortune down the road – or maybe, help you to make a fortune. 

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The current 3 chapters are:
  • Learning from Kiyosaki and Ramsey: A Word of Caution
  • The Coffee Paradox: Understanding the True Value of Small Expenses
  • If It’s An Ad, Stay Away
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Introduction: Why Write Another Book About Money?

Patric Chan, best-selling author of multiple books & international speaker of 12 countries
I don’t want to write another motivational book about money. Or wealth. There are already plenty of these books, easily hundreds that are good. Then, of course, there are thousands on this topic to motivate you to become rich.

And this is definitely not a financial planning book.

The reason why I wrote this book is for my children.

In 2019, there was a video of Logan Paul interviewing a kid who was 15 years old at that time. That kid's name is Jack Doherty. At that time, while he was just a kid, he bought his own house. He was making 6 figures in income from YouTube, maybe even hitting a million dollars.

Anyway, the interesting story is not just about making so much money - But having the financial education about MONEY and how he had learned to invest at a young age.

If he has that knowledge, I doubt he’ll have any challenges of achieving financial freedom later in his life.
Because at the same time, many kids, such as young actors, amass a lot of money, yet they become poor in their adult life.

That made me curious about financial independence in our society today.

What if...

I can teach my children about money while they're still schooling...

Wouldn't it be amazing if they already had a stable income stream for themselves, before they even completed their studies in colleges or universities?

This way, when they want to start working, they can pick a job they would be interested in, instead of picking a job based on how much they can earn from the salary.

That’s why I’m writing MONEY: Present And Future.

It’s a self-serving reason. Really.

And in my opinion, if I’m confident the information in the book can transform my children’s life, why should I be selfish and keep it from others?

The fact is, for adults too.

To me, unless you’re already 70, then perhaps there’s nothing much this book could do to change your financial situation. And ironically, money should not even be on your priority list to attain at this age bracket (unless you’re in a dire state).

Because if you have your hands on this book before it’s too late, you can still create the path to living with money happily.

Meaning money would not burden you anymore.

Because money DOES affect everything in your life.

Want to have a better relationship?

Having money helps because you can need to trade time for money and use your available time to spend it with someone you like or care.


Of course. Less trading time for money would mean you’ll have more time to participate in exercises and even sleep more.

Money will also allow you to get supplements for your body's nutrients.

YES – many things in life, especially happiness, can be attained without needing money.

But why refuse the rest of the happiness that can be gained with money as the leverage to attain?

So what’s MONEY: Present And Future going to be about?

Quite simple actually.

It’ll be based on my personal experience with money.

The mistakes I’ve made to lose money.

The correct approaches to money have helped me to be debt-free.

Here’s the fact:

If I had known all of these, all of the knowledge in this book, I would:

* Have made more money at my age today

* Built a giant pipe of passive income

I would have achieved what I’ve achieved today, maybe in my 30’s. I’m now in my 40’s, meaning I would have about 10 years of more enjoyment.

This book is written as a playbook, a guide to help someone never have a lack of money in his life ever.
At the same time, please don’t treat this book as financial. I cover some discussions about stocks and cryptos, but this is not an investment book. I’m not an investment guru.

You don’t need to follow my advice either as I don’t claim to be right. It may even contradict with those "how to be rich" or self help books out there simply because MONEY: Present And Future is not based on what I read, it's just based on my experience with money. And I'm debt-free today.

The playbook here is right for me – maybe, it’s suitable for my lifestyle and my goals in life.

For me, money is a tool to attain what you want in life that can lead to living abundantly, being contented and happy; money should not be a yardstick of success.

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- Patric Chan

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